Friday, August 21, 2009

Otherspace III

I have alluded to this several times in past posts, so I think its time that I finally get around to talking about it. In reading my various review posts (here and here) you may have noticed that I enjoyed the "Otherspace" series of adventures for the Star Wars RPG. I enjoyed them so much, in fact, that I wrote my own sequel to them, to make it a 'Trilogy' of stories (Star Wars is good for trilogies). 

I originally ran the adventure for my gaming group at a small convention back in college (Vermincon 2.0, I believe). At the time, all I had to guide me were my jumbled series of handwritten notes. But we had a blast anyway. To me at least it stands as one of our more memorable adventures—likely because it was one of the most 'epic' that the party had ever undertaken (they controlled the fate of two entire galaxies, after all). 

Once the adventure was over, I had the crazy idea of writing it up and sending it in to West End Games to try and get published. But between school and my own laziness, it never quite seemed to happen. It took me years to write up the first four of the five episodes of the adventure, and by that time, West End Games was already going into the crapper, money-wise. Several computer migrations later, I wasn't even certain I had any workable files left. But lately I have been able to scrape most of them back together and into shape. 

And in reading back over it, I find that...well, I don't hate it. I have gone back and made a few revisions, and I'm likely to go back and do some more. It should  be noted that I wrote this whole thing years before the prequels. Even so, I included a Jedi Knight from the Clone Wars as well as an entire ship and crew from that era—lost in the "Otherspace" dimension. The prequels open up a lot of new opportunities I hadn't considered for this adventure. Perhaps most of the crew are actually Clone troopers? Perhaps even one of the main characters (Captain Marsten) should be converted into a Clone commander? The ships could all be clone-wars era stuff? Maybe... doesn't change the main STORY much, but it would be cool to include.

In any case, I have YET to finish the fifth and final episode of this adventure, but I'll post what I have (in its rough format) on a link here for any interested parties to take a look at.

Oh, and P.S. The artwork is mine, but it too is very rough—just a placeholder in most cases for what I want to put in there in the 'finished' version. 

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  1. You ever finish this? Just wondering. Also, the link doesn't work any longer...any chance to see what you at least already wrote up?