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Where Are They Now: The Rebels

As with my previous 'where are they now' post, this is just a snapshot of some of the major Rebel PCs and where they are now in my campaign, some 13 years after the destruction of the first Death Star.

Mon Mothma
One of the founders of the Rebel Alliance, this elder stateswoman lived to see it's victory and the rebirth of democratic rule of the galaxy via the New Republic. But the years of constant turmoil took their toll—as did an Imperial plot to poison her. Though unsuccessful in killing her, the attack caused serious health problems. This as much as anything else was a catalyst for her stepping down from the Chancellorship—and turning it over to her Vice Chancellor at the time—Leia Organa-Solo. Though still available as an advisor to the new Chancellor, Mon Mothma enjoyed her well-earned retirement and has recuperated much of her former vigor. Though it isn't a very public thing, there are also rumors of a deepening of the relationship between Mon Mothma and Garm Bel Iblis—her former Senatorial rival. Since the Nagai attack, she has once again stepped into public life, this time volunteering her formidable talents to the efforts to relocate refugees displaced in the war.

Admiral Akbar
This now legendary Mon Calamari warrior has resisted all efforts to draw him into the civilian government of the New Republic—either as a representative of his people or the Minister of Defense. Rather, he has stayed where he feels he serves best—now in complete command of the New Republic Navy, serving as its Grand Admiral. A truly masterful tactician, Akbar's experience has been rounded by both victory and defeat—and he has taken each lesson to heart. As the true scope of the Nagai invasion began to set in, the admiral once again found himself in a difficult spot. Yet despite the initial setbacks, he was able to rally the fleet to fight a nearly galaxy-wide conflict. He took personal command of the fleet at the pivotal battle of Arkanis, commanding its capital warships in a delaying action that gave the heroes of my gaming group time to set up a trap for the Nagai.

General Madine
General Madine is now Grand Marshal Madine, in command of the New Republic Army. Much like his counterpart, Admiral Akbar, Madine has decided that this is where he may best serve the new government. Also like Akbar, he is one of the younger former Rebel leaders, and as such is very vigorous in his command style. On a strangely diplomatic note, he has done will in convincing some Imperial 'Warlords' to come back into the fold of the New Republic—simply by showing that a former Imperial like himself can serve with honor.

Garm Bel Iblis
Though he was one of the founders of the Rebel Alliance (alongside Mon Mothma, Bail Organa and others), this maverick Corellian Senator broke ranks with his fellow conspirators shortly after the formation of that Alliance. His brash command style just didn't fit well with Mon Mothma's more careful and measured approach—and from this clash of personalities, mistrust grew (Iblis began to feel that Mon Mothma was using the Alliance to further her own ambitions). He established his own rebel force, but it never had the following or impact that the Alliance did. Eventually, in helping the New Republic battle Grand Admiral Thrawn, Iblis was won back into service—finally getting over his problems with Mon Mothma (in fact, the two of them are rumored to be in a relationship now). He currently serves as Vice-Chancellor to Leia Organa-Solo and in that role he has re-written the book on how this office works. Iblis is a tireless watchdog of the Galactic Senate—unafraid to call things as he sees them, helping to ensure that 'politics' never get in the way of government (as much as possible, that is). He also serves as a kind of troubleshooter—often making personal appearances at major galactic events to ensure both public attention and top-performance by the various New Republic Agencies.

Borsk Fey'lya
This ambitious Bothan came to power after the establishment of the New Republic, serving on its provisional council. An expert political manipulator, his machinations contributed greatly to the difficulties suffered by the New Republic during the Thrawn crisis. Due to the clever intervention of Leia and her unlikely ally, Talon Karrde, Fey'lya's corruption came to light in a particularly public fashion. Politically, it nearly ruined him. But in the end, it may have been a good thing—as it highlighted clearly that eternal vigilance for this kind of corruption would have to be maintained or the New Republic would likely fare no better than the Old. A humbled Fey'lya eventually returned to service, however—offered by Leia a cabinet post as the Minister of State. Some (such as Garm Iblis) questioned the wisdom of this, but Leia was adamant in her belief that everyone deserves a second chance. Thus far, Fey'lya seems to be making the most of this chance—working hard with the Republic's many Independent partners to ensure alliances and support in the midst of the Nagai invasion.

General Dodonna
A veteran of the Clone Wars and the Rebellion, General Jan Dodonna finally retired from active service after the defeat of the forces of the Clone Emperor (during the Dark Empire crisis). He has since taken the role of Commandant at the New Republic Naval Military Academy, Coruscant. Thus, this 'old warhorse' is now responsible for training a new generation of naval officers—combining years of experience and tactical knowledge with the keen creative insights he was famous for during the Rebellion.

General Rieekan
Though perhaps best known for his 'defeat' at the Battle of Hoth, those who study military matters realize that the tactical skill of this man was the only thing that kept this defeat from being a crushing rout. By a skillful channeling of the Imperial assault towards the shield generators—and and away from the evacuation ships—Rieekan ensured the escape of the majority of the Base's personnel. But the cost was grave. Even years later, the faces of the soldiers lost in this battle, and dozens more through the course of the war, still haunt the General. Though he has considered retirement on several occasions, Rieekan's sense of duty and dogged determination have not allowed him to. He now serves as one of the New Republic Army's most experienced Generals, in command of several sectors holding out against the Nagai onslaught. Though faced with an enemy unlike any he's had to deal with before, Rieekan has been able to adapt his tactics quickly to meet the threat and his forces have the highest success rate of any front-line Republic force in the war to date.

Wedge Antilles
This one...requires a post all of his own. Suffice it to say that Wedge has turned down various promotions in order to remain where he feels he does the most good: behind the controls of a starfighter, backed up by the legendary Rogue Squadron. He's come a long way from the skinny kid who followed Luke Skywalker into the Trench of the first Death Star and is now considered to be one of the best fighter pilots and squadron commanders in the Galaxy—rivaled only by the Empire's Baron Fel (more on him later, too). 

So there you have it, just a few snap-shots of some major NPCs in my campaign. Hope you enjoy.

p.s. Oh.. and is it just me? or was young Mon Mothma kind of hot?

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