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Where Are They Now: The Empire

Grand Admiral Pellaeon
Though he is 'feeling his age', Admiral Pellaeon is the current leader of the Empire's ruling military council. A professional soldier, he continues to see the Empire as a viable form of government—even though he laments the loss of its former power. Still, he is glad to be (mostly) rid of Sith influence and he has come to accept the fact that victory over the New Republic is not a possibility (at least not at this point). So it was that (prior to the Nagai invasion) he actually responded to the Republic's offer of a peace treaty. Despite the alien onslaught (and the Nagai's best efforts to subvert it), Pellaeon has managed to maintain a military alliance with the New Republic—forming a unified front. But behind his back, many younger, more ambitious officers scheme against him and his 'moderate' views.

Grand Admiral Daala
Speaking of schemers... Admiral Daala, since her long exile at the top secret 'Maw' installation, has returned to a position of command in the Empire—despite her numerous military setbacks (in fact, she is now sporting a nasty lightsaber scar due to a run-in with Adren). She is remarkably good at playing politics. Realizing that Pellaeon has the power right now, she plays up to that—seeming to be a staunch supporter. But in the meanwhile, she is building up her own power-base. She sees the Nagai invasion as an opportunity to weaken the New Republic, possibly paving the way for the Empire's resurgence. Unfortunately for her plans, however, the Empire has taken just as much damage as their rivals.

Grand Marshall Tagge
An old army veteran, Tagge is Pellaeon's Army counterpart. The general somehow managed to survive the rebellion—including a very close call on the first Death Star. Since then, like Pellaeon, he has grown more conservative and 'moderate' in his outlook. Though he (like Pellaeon) would probably call it 'realistic'. Tagge is in a somewhat unique position, however, as his family actually controls a massive corporate interest that helps supply the Imperial (and many independent) militaries. This means he has more political 'juice' than a General might otherwise have. Though a competent tactician, many of his commander consider Tagge to be overly cautious (though considering the dwindling resource of the Empire, this may be more from pragmatism than timidity).

Lira Wessex
Though mourning the death of her husband (a former Imperial Governor), Lira Wessex remains the Empire's premier capital starship engineer—designing a whole new wave of starships for the fleet. In this position, she also has a remarkable degree of control over the nationalized industries within Imperial space—including former Kuat Drive Yards installations. A canny politician as well as businesswoman, Lira is well aware of the behind-the-scenes power struggle brewing between Pellaeon and Daala. For the time being, she has refused to closely ally herself with either—waiting to see which will come out on top.

Rear Admiral Motti
Nephew of the Admiral Motti who was killed at the battle of Yavin, REAR Admiral Motti was promoted through the ranks at record speed—though not due to performance. Rather, Motti epitomizes the 'high-Imperial' officer: a boot-licking toadie to those higher in rank, but always quick to betray when he sees a chance for self advancement. His name carried him far. His conniving mannerisms took him the rest of the way. Now, as he sees the heights of power within his grasp, he has begun to realize his own limitations. This has left him an over-compensating, nervous wreck. Simply put, he is NOT a good commanding officer or a soldier. He has survived thus far by exploiting the strengths of his subordinates. But officers like this are slowly being weeded out of the ranks of the Imperial military—by the pressures of constant war as much as a conscious effort on the part of high command. Thus, Motti is at a point where he either has to rise to the occasion...or fall.

General Veers
I detailed part of his background in a previous post, but I'll repeat a bit here. Veers initially left the Empire during the turbulent 'Warlord' period following the battle of Endor—disgusted with what the Empire had become. At first he went into self-imposed 'exile', but his warrior nature soon got the better of him and he began to run a team of mercenaries. Through an encounter with a Rebel agent (Adren), he wound up re-examining his life. Finally, after the Thrawn and Dark Empire crises, he made up his mind and cleaned up his act. He rejoined the Empire under Pellaeon and resumed his duties as a field commander in charge of a Walker assault legion equipped with the latest generation of combat machinery. Though still quite ruthless in battle, Veers' overall nature has been tempered a bit by the dose of 'reality' he experienced during his exile. Despite his role as a battlefield commander, Veers also serves as a strategic advisor to the Grand Admiral and Grand Marshall, and remains a staunch supporter of both.

General Zel Johans
One of the Empire's best field Generals, Johans is nearly as famous as Veers, and just as deadly efficient. He has turned down promotions in order to retain command of the Elite "Hell's Hammers" repulsorlift assault unit—which has now grown to the size of an entire Legion. Though a firm believer in hard-hitting shock tactics, Johans is also known for fostering a close, almost familial relationship among the people in his units. This, and their fighting prowess, are the main reasons they survived the turmoil of the fall of the Empire and the rise and fall of its many would-be Emperors.

Admiral Tomax Bren
The premier assault starfighter tactician and strategist of the Imperial Fleet, Admiral Bren finally gave up direct command of his elite Scimitar Assault Wing due to injuries sustained in combat. He is, however, now in direct control of the task-force to which the Wing is assigned. He is an advisor to and friend of Grand Admiral Pellaeon—though he does have some philosophical differences that are starting to drive a wedge between them. Bren retains his quite ruthless nature and has ambition. He sees the alliance with the New Republic as expedient for the moment, but still desires to see that power crushed and the Empire restored to its 'rightful' place. To this end, he has been in talks with the equally ruthless and ambitious Admiral Daala.

Baron-Captain Fel
A true legend among the Imperial Fleet, Baron Soontir Fel is, without a doubt, the best Starfighter pilot in the Empire, and one of the best in the Galaxy. Though he was captured by—and even flew with—Rogue Squadron during the fall of the Empire, Fel (much like Veers) remained drawn to the ideals that the Empire had professed to stand for. And so, when Pellaeon finally assumed control and offered alliance with the New Republic, Fel offered the Grand Admiral his services once more—on the assurance that he would be given command of his beloved 181st Starfighter Wing. And so the Baron has returned to the fold, remaining an Idealist in a dangerous political situation. Still, he feels that this is where he can best serve—being an example of how to be and Imperial and still have honor. Of how to create a government of order and strength without it becoming a ruthless dictatorship. In short, he is trying to affect change from within—and in the end, it may be an insurmountable task.

Kir Kanos
One of the most deadly Imperial Royal Guardsmen ever trained, Kanos is a warrior through and through. His loyalty to the Empire was shaken, however when a fellow guardsman, Carnor Jax, attempted to assume the throne after the death of the Emperor—betraying and slaughtering his former comrades to ensure they would not stand in his way. Kanos survived and vowed vengeance for his Emperor and for his brothers. His one-man crusade to bring down Jax was ultimately successful—and in the process, he slaughtered many on the corrupt Imperial ruling council. Even though he occasionally worked alongside Alliance (and later New Republic agents), Kanos refused to ally himself, feeling his loyalty was still to the Emperor. Like many Imperials, however, he was forced to re-examine his life and his loyalty. For the time being, at least, he now serves the Empire as a whole, as opposed to one man. But his indoctrination and the grim realities of his life have left him with doubts and deep hatred still towards the people who killed his master—which includes the heroes of the Rebellion. Kanos is in charge of the Elite 'Imperial Guard', which has been reorganized as a shadowy special-forces unit, reporting directly to Grand Admiral Pellaeon.

Commander Juno Eclipse
One of he best starfighter pilots in the Imperial Fleet, Juno was re-assigned from her original post to serve as one of Vader's personal pilots. She accompanied the dark lord and his various shadowy servants on many secret missions during the latter days of the Empire. With the death of the Dark Lord, Eclipse fell out of the service for a time, working as a mercenary and smuggler out on the rim as she came to grips with some of the atrocities she'd been a party to. Ultimately, she returned to the Empire under Pellaeon. Her ability and dedication have earned her the position personal pilot to the Grand Admiral (though he often assigns her to work with his Imperial Guard on special operations). 

501st Legion
Formerly known as "Vader's Fist", the 501st is now known as the "Empire's Fist". The unit consists entirely of ultra-elite clone-trooper veterans of the Clone Wars. Some are original members, but many others had been transferred in from units that had been destroyed during the Rebellion and subsequent conflicts. Indeed, the 501st is probably the last legion to be comprised of these 'original' clones. Aging as they are, however, and through time and attrition, it is only a matter of time before the Ranks of the 501st will have to open to non-clones. But for the moment at least, they are undoubtedly the most skilled and experienced unit in the Empire, and they are proud of that fact.


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