Friday, August 21, 2009

Where Are They Now: The Independents

Part three in my series of 'where are they now', detailing some of the independent (non-aligned) character's from the movies and novels. As with the other installments, this is a snapshot of how things are 13 years after the Battle of Yavin in my campaign galaxy.

Talon Karrde
Once quite proud of his almost anonymous status, Karrde has, through his actions in the Thrawn crisis, become a lot more 'public' of a figure than he ever intended (at least in the underworld community). He still heads up one of the largest underworld organizations in the galaxy, but unlike many of it's competitors, Karrde's "Smugglers Alliance" concentrates its efforts on (mostly) "victimless" crimes like smuggling and the occasional theft—and of course on the selling of information. The organization does suffer a bit from having an 'almost legit' reputation, but they still turn a hefty profit on their well-executed operations (as frustrated lawmen across the galaxy can attest). Karrde himself is much as he always has been—quiet and intelligent, adapting quickly to situations as they arise. The Nagai invasion has, once again, placed him on the side of the New Republic and it's allies. But again, it is for pragmatic reasons. The alien Nagai have already proven they won't do 'business as usual', so it's the 'smart thing' to back the New Republic.

Ploovoo "Two-For-One"
Just a mid-level crime-boss during Han Solo's pre-Rebellion smuggling career, Ploovoo somehow managed to survive all of his enemies and become the head of underworld operations in the Corporate Sector. Before the Nagai invasion, he was even able to expand outside of his normal area of operations. Unfortunately, open warfare finally broke out in the Corporate sector (after a brief period of it being under the control of a Nagai puppet government). Unlike Karrde, Ploovoo has taken the short-sighted route, trying to profit as much as possible during the turmoil, trying to play one side against the other by selling information both; smuggling refugees for exorbitant fees (and sometimes selling them into slavery); scavenging battlefields for salvage (and sometimes eliminating any 'survivors' found on the scene). Unfortunately for Ploovoo, he isn't quite as cunning as he thinks he is. It is only a matter of time before one side or the other takes action.

Prince Isolder
Though his mother is still in charge of the powerful Hapes Cosortium, Isolder is assuming more and more of the duties of rulership. Though his courtship of Princess Leia caused some turmoil, the situation worked out well for both royals in the end (both are now happily married and remain friends). Isolder has taken a considerably more 'pro Republic' stance than his mother, and, with time, it is possible that the Cosortium will eventually join. As it stands now, they are a staunch ally and Isolder himself leads a fleet of ships alongside the New Republic Navy in its battle with the Nagai. In fact, he led a fighter squadron personally during the battle of Arkanis.

Dash Rendar
Dash is, perhaps, one of the personalities least changed by galactic events. He remains a smuggler, mercenary and free trader, working on the outer rim. Though his sympathy lies with the New Republic, he just can't see himself working 'within the system'. Still, he's not above doing the odd job for NRI.

Boba Fett
Fett survived his encounter with the Sarlacc, though the experience left him scarred—physically and emotionally. Fellow hunter Dengar is the man who actually found Fett and helped him regain his health. The two of them partnered for a time, working in the shadows of the growing New Republic. But for Fett's part, it was always a partnership of convenience. Until he was back to his old fighting prowess (and was able to recoup some of his losses) he just had to bide his time. It wasn't until the Clone Emperor's bid for power that Fett made his presence known again with an attempt on the lives of Han Solo and Leia (Fett holds regrets). Unfortunately, this series of encounters didn't work out well for him, either. Unmasked, Fett returned to his life of bounty-hunting—often working against the New Republic and its allies. Though initially used by agents of the Nagai, Fett turned against the aliens when their true nature became known. It was then that he made the decision to try and unite the Mandalorians under his rule and launch an apocalyptic 'last attack' of Mandalorians against this new enemy (and indeed against the entire galaxy). Thankfully, this mad plan was thwarted by Rick Oman. Unfortunately for Fett, he didn't survive the final duel.

A viscious bounty-hunter with a hatred for Wookiee's, Bossk continued to work as a hunter and slaver long after the fall of the Empire. Only recently did he return to his homeworld, hearing rumors that the leaders were planning to use the distraction of the Nagai invasion to launch an all out assault against the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. Bossk now serves as a general in the Trandoshan army and is eagerly looking forward to the invasion.

Though a competent hunter, Dengar has never achieved the fame of many of his contemporaries. The closest he got to the 'spotlight' was serving as Boba Fett's partner and henchman. Though the two didn't exactly 'get along', Dengar really didn't have any better prospects, so he resigned himself to 'henchman' status for as long as the pay was good. And that lasted right up until Boba Fett made his bid to become 'Mandalore', and lost. Dengar quietly slipped out the back door, then, taking what he could with him. Where he'll turn up next? Nobody knows. 

Though IG-88's ship was destroyed by Boba Fett during an encounter over Tatooine (IG-88 was trying to steal Han's carbonite-frozen body and claim the reward, himself), this malevolent mechanical can not be counted out. In fact, even as rumors that Fett had survived the Sarlacc were surfacing, a new droid matching IG-88's description was seen as well. Whether this is just another copy of the model or the original droid 'reborn' in a new body is unknown. But whatever the case, he is just as deadly.

This unlikely pair—a logical protocol droid turned hunter and a mystical 'findsman'—have retired from the hunting business. In fact, they've gone somewhat 'legit', selling their services as private investigators throughout the New Republic. Never as bloodthirsty as many of their contemporaries, the droid and the Gand have officially turned over a new leaf, as it were—content to work within the new system.

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