Thursday, August 13, 2009

Top 10 Star Wars Babes

Bear with me, folks. This is going to be an extra geeky post—though pretty self explanatory. In compiling this list I finally had to make the distinction between 'Babes' in the movies and 'Babes' in the Expanded Universe. Below are my lists for each, based upon my own subjective tastes:


10. Zam Wessel. Yeah. She was cute and all—and had that 'bad-girl-assassin' vibe going. But she was a freaking lizard (see? told you its usually some kind of big lizard). 

9. Rystall. One of the Dancers in Jabba's palace—you know, the one who was flirting with Boba Fett? Not bad, despite her cranial horns. Though... the hoofs would take some getting used to.

8. Tonikka Sisters. The two chicks hanging around the Mos Eisley Cantina. Weird looking maybe, but they are some of the only females shown in the movies—especially the first movie.

7. Ayy Vida. One of the Denizens in the Bar Scene of "Attack of the Clones" and the first of many Twi'lek's on this list. But please don't hold that against me. Remember that the majority of the women shown in the movies WERE Twi'leks.

6. Oola. Another Twi'lek and dancer in Jabba's Court. She's the one who met a very unfortunate end in the belly of Jabba's Rancor.

5. Beru Lars (the Young Version). She was cute! Too bad she aged poorly.

4. Mon Mothma (the Young Version). Ditto the above.

3. Aayla Secura. Yet ANOTHER Twi'lek. But this time, a Jedi Twi'lek! Nice. Too bad about the whole being gunned down thing.

2. Padme Amidala. Yes, I know. Padme is WAY hotter than Princess Leia. But Leia had more personality...and a gold bikini.

1. Princess Leia. Gold Bikini. Nuff said. Wait, no. She was just an awesome character all around. Love her.


10. Juno Eclipse. I hate myself for even saying this (because I HATED the Force Unleashed), but I have to admit that Juno was indeed hot. And it wasn't her fault that the main character and storyline of that game sucked so much.

9. Deena Shan. This is one from the Star Wars: Rebellion comic series. She started off as a bright, idealistic young Rebel agent, but quickly developed depth through some tragedies. Plus, she looks good in body-armor. I also liked the fact that they could introduce a character who was NOT a love interest of one of the FCs, just a 'co-worker'.

8. Shira Brie (Lady Lumiya). Introduced in the Star Wars Marvel Comics, this was the first real 'Sith' presented after the death of Vader and the Emperor. She also used a 'Light Whip'. Nice.

7. Jaina Solo. Han and Leia's daughter. I don't much care for the whole storyline presented in the novels, but I've always liked the kids.

6. Dani the Zeltron. Another Marvel Comics character. She was hot. She was dangerous. She was awesome comic relief. She harbored a major 'crush' on Luke Skywalker—which completely discombobulated the young man. Great stuff to read.

5. Mara Jade. You're an emperor's hand. Here, take your standard-issue skin-tight bodysuit, lightsaber and bad attitude. Yes. She started the cliche, but despite that, I've found some redeeming characteristics for her in my campaign. Still not sure about the whole 'marrying luke' thing, though.

4. Winter. Another creation of the Zahn novels (like Mara above). This one I like a lot more, though. She was friend, confidant, bodyguard and sometimes body-double for Leia. She was badass, but without the attitude.

3. Brianna the Handmaiden. A character in 'Knights of the Old Republic II', she was as deadly as she was innocent to the ways of the galaxy. That's actually a rather appealing combination. Plus? She liked to work out in a bikini. Nice. Oh. And she wore a version of Leia's Gold Bikini. Also nice.

2. Mira. ANOTHER character in KotOR II. This one is a feisty red-headed bounty huntress. I'm a bit surprised that she beat out Brianna for the number two spot—but in the end, I liked the blunt and straightforward nature of her personality. But alas. She would not requite the love of my character in that game. As she put it: "I'd break you, old man." Oh, how I wish she would.

1. Bastilla Shan. The romantic interest in KotOR I. Yes, she was stuck up and stubborn. But I loved her for it. And the development of the relationship between characters in that game was the best I've ever seen. It was funny, and poignant and highly entertaining. 

So anyway, there it is. And I'm almost ashamed to make this post. But only 'almost'. Enjoy!


  1. Mira and Mission were both way, WAY cooler than Bastilla. You only like Bastilla because your character got to hit that.

  2. I ALMOST Agree with you about Mira. But only almost. But I can't put Mission on the list because I totally had the 'little sister' vibe with her. Can't bring myself to call her 'hot'.

  3. Though, I totally think that Mission and Carth's son should hook up.

  4. Oh, I see. This was totally a lusty fanboy post. Then it should have been "10 Hottest SW Chicks" or "SWCILF" or somthing.

  5. There. Changed the name of the post!

  6. Better. Because yeah, I wouldn't classify Mission as a "Babe."

  7. Then again, I wouldn't classify Jaina Solo as a "Babe" either. Perv.