Friday, November 9, 2012

New Star Wars Movies...

There isn't a whole lot more to this post than a bunch of subjective rambling about Star Wars. Oh, wait, that's every post on this blog! Well, anyway, I just want to throw up some stuff I would love to see in any future Star Wars movies and some things I really hope don't happen:

What I'd love to see:

1) The original characters. Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, Lando, Artoo and Threepio. Hell, I'd love to see 'Wedge' again- and Ackbar and... you get the point. That being said, I would NOT want to see an action movie where all the action centers around 60-70 year-old folks. No, I'd want these characters to take the 'background leadership' roles to a new set of young heroes- their children, proteges, etc.

2) A focus on non-Jedi/Sith characters (at least one). Yes, Jedi are cool. But you ask any fan who the coolest character is, you're probably going to get either 'Han Solo' or 'Boba Fett'- neither of whom are Jedi or Sith. I have long said that 'non-idealistic snarkiness' was absent from the prequels, and they suffered for it.

3) Dialogue. Good dialogue. Jokes that are actually funny. Lines that don't sound stilted. Disney, you have an awesome pool of writers and directors. Please use them.

What I hope I don't see:

1) The plots of ANY of the expanded universe books/series. As much as I liked Heir to the Empire, I don't think it would make a particularly good trilogy- especially if you were using the original actors. Ditto for the Dark Empire arc. And do not get me started on the New Jedi Order books. If you're trying to appeal to a PG or PG-13 audience, you don't have a story about a war where trillions of people are slaughtered by masochistic aliens, Han becomes a drunk, deadbeat father, Luke becomes an ineffectual tool, Han's kids are killed and/or tortured by giant space-chickens until they turn to the dark side of the Force, etc.

1a) The above includes the inexplicable and jarring changes in personality of the main heroes (Luke, Leia, Han, etc.) from their characters as shown in the original trilogy. Please keep them true to what we have seen in the movies, not to some authorial need to have them act a certain contradictory, idiotic way because it advances the plot of a shitty novel.

2) The collapse of the New Republic from corruption. Seriously, the heroes of BOTH trilogies were fighting to save and then restore the Republic. To me, this means that it MUST have some merits. Billions died to restore it. Heroes sacrificed to restore it. To have it fall apart (again) from corruption in just a few decades reflects poorly on our heroes for having believed in such a system and for allowing it (on their watch) to crumble in such a short time. One would think/hope/pray that our heroes would fight as hard as they did DURING the war to ensure the survival of the Republic AFTER the war. One would also think that trillions of oppressed beings would also take measures to ensure a functional government- at least for another thousand years.

3) Any mention of midicholorians. At all. Ever.

Stuff I am still on the fence about:

1) The inclusion of popular EU characters. The two that spring to the top of this list would be Mara Jade and Kyle Katarn. I wouldn't necessarily mind the inclusion of either of these folks, except for the fact that if you DID include Mara Jade, you would have to have some kind of 'explanation' for her presence- and I already said I hoped they will NOT delve into the Heir to the Empire stuff. As far as Katarn goes? Doubt you'd need much backstory on him, he could appear in the background without much question. Could have a kid that participates in the adventure as well. Could even be a main character. That would be neat.

A short post, I know, but just some stuff on the top of my mind. How about you? What would you like to see? What do you hope they don't include?