Thursday, March 19, 2009

Star Wars Conversion: Wonder Woman

This conversion is just as straight-forward as my Batman conversion. What if a Wonder-Woman-esque character existed in the Star Wars universe? I think it might go a little something like this:

Diana would be from the remote world of Themyscira, a planet hidden in the midst of a nebula. The inhabitants are all women, forming a matriarchal human society that broke off with the rest of the galaxy thousands of years ago (fleeing some male-dominated tyrannical figure). Though they would possess advanced technology, the Themyscirans would embrace a very simple lifestyle reminiscent of the ancient Greeks (lots of marble temples, gardens, statues, horse-riding, togas, etc.). Though peaceful, they would train all of their number as warriors, following the philosophy of 'never again allowing male tyranny'. Men themselves would not live on Themyscira—reproduction would be through cloning and laboratory genetic-breeding programs. To keep their genetic code from degrading, the women of Themyscira would would (every few years/decades) send several of their number out into the Galaxy to find suitable, male stock and bring back genetic samples.

Themyscira has advanced technological defenses, including a planetary 'cloaking field', built thousands of years ago to help keep themselves hidden. They possess space-flight capabilities as well, for sending their 'scouts' out—and for defense of their planet, if needs be. Along with this technological aspect, several of their number (including the Queen and Diana herself) would have Force-related abilities. In the years of isolation from the rest of the Galaxy, they would have had to develop their own force traditions to utilize this.

Diana was grown in a Themysciran lab, her genetic code personally manipulated by her mother, Queen Heras, to produce an exceptional woman, physically and mentally—a woman who would be groomed to lead the Themysciran's after Heras' death. As such, she is incredibly strong and agile, along with being very intelligent and charismatic. Diana was also gifted with her mother's Force sensitivity. She was trained as an elite warrior of her people, making use of some of their technological marvels. Her high-tech bracers could be employed to block attacks—including those of ranged weapons (much as a Jedi uses their lightsaber to deflect blaster bolts). Her cyber-lasso is incredibly versatile, able to be guided by subtle hand-grip controls to serve as both a tool for climbing/acrobatics and to ensnare opponents. Diana could also focus her force abilities into enhancing her already impressive physical abilities (enhance attribute, force-leap, force-sprint, etc.) 

Where Diana's story picks up is during a time where the best of the best are being chosen to go out into the Galaxy, both to collect genetic samples and to check on the state of affairs. A contest is held to determine who is most worthy. Diana enters and wins the right to be one of these scouts, even if it is contrary to her Mother's wishes (the Queen felt Diana was too young). And so Diana is given one of the Themysciran fighters, complete with its cloaking technology (her 'invisible jet') and sets off into the Galaxy—only to discover the rebellion going on there. Being idealistic, it doesn't take long before she breaks her role of scout and observer and throws in her lot with the Rebels.

Looking back on this profile, Diana seems as though she'd be easily placed in a Star Wars campaign—as a 'Freelance' Rebel agent. Perhaps she backs the characters up on one mission (or vice versa). As with Batman, she is probably too 'mega' to be used all the time (even if she is toned down from the Wonder Woman in the comics).

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  1. ... in her satin tights, fighting for our rights...