Friday, March 6, 2009

RANT: Clone Heroes

I realize that everyone involved is just trying to make a buck, and that IS what capitalism is all about, but is it just me? or is there something wrong with seemingly wanting children to idolize clones? I mean, first of all, there are the cartoons. And then the toy lines, with their action figures for kids of all ages. And then there are the helmets and costumes. 

Yay kids! You too can be a nameless conformist who never questions what his government tells him to do! Yes, that's right! Be just like everyone else and do what you're told, even if that winds up making you the villain!

I'm not sure how it was for everyone else, but when I was growing up, my Star Wars heroes were Luke and Han. THOSE were the guys everyone wanted to be on the playground. I don't recall anyone chiming. "OOH! I want to be TK-421!

And before anyone goes there, no, I don't have any problem with soldiers or the military. In fact I have a few good friends who are or were in the military, as well as numerous family members. I have nothing but respect for those who serve this country. But its one thing to be a soldier and a hero. Its another to be a clone-trooper and a hero. 

Simply put: I don't think Clone troopers should be heroes. At least, not the conformist ones who wound up backing a totalitarian regime. Wow, its kind of come full circle. The original Star Wars movies were all about showing how bad dictatorships (and nazis) are.. and now we're encouraging our kids to be good little stormtroopers? Nope.. something just aint right.


  1. Yeah, but there were always Stormtrooper Halloween costumes back in the day, too, much like the clone trooper one in the picture you've got there.

  2. I kinda just stumbled upon this blog and I'm not sure if its still frequently checked, but I figured I'd throw my two bits in. I think that the reason Clone Troopers are being viewed as heroes is almost 100% because of Star Wars the Animated Series. Because it depicts them as well... Heroes. Some even have actual names as opposed to just numbers. So now kids say "I wanna be Rex because he's squad leader". Clone's are also shown to have excellent team dynamics and problem solving skills. Before they turn Nazi SS they are actually shown as quite similar to G.I Joe's and such. So yeah, I see where you are coming from, but I don't think it's anything to worry about :)