Monday, March 23, 2009

The Beleaguered B-Wing

Just a short post to comment on just how much the B-Wing sucked. In the movies, you barely get a glimpse of the things. Okay, so they look kind of cool. Unique. Interesting. But then, in the RPG, we find out that it is slower and less maneuverable than...well, everything. It has a crappier hull than an X or Y-Wing while only packing just a bit more firepower. Overall, the trade-off isn't great. Then you add to it the story-element of the B-Wing being very difficult to maintain. Wow. So,  lets see. Its slow, underarmed, undeararmored, and a bitch to maintain. Good job engineers. Its almost a shame that the whole adventure Strike Force: Shantipole is geared around rescuing the prototype of this fighter. Even when you factor in the two-man B-Wing, with the increased firepower and efficiency of having a gunner... it still falls short. Alas. If I ever start a new Star Wars game, I may tweak the stats a little to give this fighter an edge—or at least a 'niche' in which it excels. Why? Well, because the Rebellion as a whole seemed pretty smart. If they invested the time and money into creating a new design, I'd like to think they'd make sure it was worthwhile.

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  1. The problem was, your PCs accidentally end up leaving an entire system-file behind for the upgraded super-processor and ablative magna-armor... and since it was the most classified of the files, it hadn't been applied to the prototypes yet. So really, everyone congratulated them on finishing the B-wing, but with the files lost and Ackbar reassigned, no one noticed that the centerpiece of the new design blew up with Shantipole, and only the sub-par frames got mass-produced.

    Your players think they won... but really, this was the Empire's day.