Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Star Wars Military Ranks

Though they never really delved into the exact rank structures of the Republic, Imperial or Rebel militaries in any of the movies, the RPG sourcebooks presented a rather jumbled attempt at it that never really suited me. The idea that an Admiral and a General existed within the same heirarchy, and that the former actually outranked the latter just...irked me. I could explain it away for the Rebels by saying that they had a jumbled and mismatched military overall, probably incorporating ranks and organizations from dozens of different planetary militias and naval forces. But especially post RotJ, after the New Republic is formed, I think they'd be able to standardize a few things. Therefore, I made up my own ranking system that I applied in my campaign to both the Empire and New Republic. It is essentially a modified version of the U.S. Military rank structure (with various differences). It goes as follows:

Officer Ranks:
O1 2nd Lieutenant  (Army/Marines)
Ensign (Navy/Fighter Corps)

O2 1st Lieutenant  (Army/Marines)
Lieutenant, Junior Grade (Navy/Fighter Corps)

O3 Captain

O4 Major
Lieutenant Commander

O5 Lieutenant Colonel 

O6 Colonel

O7 Brigadier General

O8 Lieutenant General
Rear Admiral

O9 Major General
Vice Admiral

O10 General

Enlisted Ranks
E1 Private (Army/Marines)
Spaceman (Navy/Fighter Corps.)

E2 Private, First Class (Army/Marines)
Spaceman, First Class (Navy/Fighter Corps)

E3 Lance Corporal
Petty Officer

E4 Corporal
Petty Officer, First Class

E5 Sergeant
Chief Petty Officer

E6 Senior Sergeant
Senior Chief 

E7 Gunnery Sergeant
Gunnery Chief 

E8 Master Sergeant
Master Chief

E9 Sergeant Major
Warrant Officer

E10 Command Sgt. Maj.
Chief Warrant Officer

And yes, I know it doesn't follow the U.S. Military strictly. A lot of it was chosen simply because I liked the way the rank sounded. So sue me.

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