Monday, August 9, 2010

My Million Dollar Idea

I probably shouldn't be throwing this out onto the internet like this, but.. well, who am I kidding. In a world where MMOs, Jedi and Sith seem to be the big moneymakers of the Star Wars Gaming Franchise, who'd ever do a game like the one I'm proposing. I had this idea years ago and despite changing conditions, I think there would be a big market for it. What I propose is this:

A console/PC (and Mac!) game where the player takes on the role of a smuggler/tramp freighter in a 'sandbox' style Star Wars setting. Thus far, pretty much every game that's come out for Star Wars has been either a combat simulator or about the clash of Jedi and Sith. Now I realize that the latter is the main emphasis of the saga, but I also know that a large number of fans, if asked who'd they'd rather be- Han Solo or Luke Skywalker- would answer Han Solo. And thus far, there has never been a game that has come close to giving THAT kind of experience.

You'd start off with a beat up ship and probably in debt to some crime lord somewhere. From there, you do various jobs to make money to pay off your debts and to improve your ship. On the way you can hire various folks as your crew. There would be plenty of variety of mission types- flying your freighter through blockades, swoop races on planets, combat missions to help the Rebellion (or maybe there's an evil option where you can work for Imperial Intel). The setting could incorporate several major starsystems with developed planets to explore and a lot of smaller places you can discover in the course of the game.

The sandbox part of the game would have lots of little side missions for the player to accomplish- smuggling runs and the like. Thus, if you find one particular 'mini-game' to your liking, you could do it several times over. But as with most Sandbox style games, there would also be an over-arching plot involved that you can wind in and out of. And sure, yeah- maybe you'll run into Jedi or Sith here and there, but your character won't be one. I actually think folks would enjoy this as a change of pace- playing a gunslinger instead of a Jedi. Heck, it wouldn't be too far fetched to turn your 'smuggler' into a 'bounty hunter' instead. A lot of the mechanics would be the same (but it might dilute the emphasis of the game- would have to think about that).

In any case, this has just been bouncing around my head for years. I'll put it up here to share with you all. And if any game companies stumble upon this- please make this game! I'd love to play it. Oh and... if you wanted a writer to assist with the project, I'm open to offers...

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  1. This is exactly what I've been hoping for, A privateer/free lancer game would be awesome in the star wars universe. Hopping from one planet to the next one step ahead of Imperials, bounty hunters, crime lords and the occasional ex girlfriend.