Monday, August 16, 2010

Droid Quirks

The following is actually an excerpt from my droid rules set (which I continue to expand upon instead of just finishing. Damn me). Its a nice little bit of RP fluff (I think), and hasn't been done before to my knowledge- so without further ado.. here it is:

Most droids are subjected to regular memory wipes. This ensures that they remain in 'factory condition', focused on their jobs and devoid of any random bits of data that could distract them from their tasks or even corrupt their personalities. Droids who are not given memory wipes may develop one or more quirks. Quirks typical to a design are listed under specific droid types, but below are a listing of some others that may develop. These are intended primarily to give the GM ideas and allow for greater personalization of any NPC droids an adventuring party may have. Any unwanted quirks may be removed by performing a memory wipe or (more selectively) with a moderate (or greater) droid-programming skill roll.

Possible Droid Quirks:

Sings or hums while working

Gets distracted easily (especially by something shiney)

Becomes disgruntled, rude and sullen

Becomes 'depressed'. Works slowly and without 'gusto'

Falls in love with its master. Wants to follow him/her everywhere. May compose poetry to express emotions

Falls in love with another droid, computer, ship, vehicle, random inanimate object, etc.

Considers self an artist. Tries to express creativity through its normal job or by developing an artistic 'hobby'

Logic error. Freezes up occasionally for a few seconds at a time (or a kick or rap on the head will get it going again)

Becomes self aware. Questions its place in universe

Becomes nervous and jumpy

Likes to pinch

Is overly 'helpful', doing tasks nobody asked it to do

Becomes a hoarder/collector of odds and ends(does not steal, just collects unwanted/discarded things)

Voyeur. Likes to spy on master/others

Expels lubricant/gas exhaust when startled

Develops sense of 'humor'. Attempts pranks or tells jokes

Irrational fear of bugs/vermin

Vanity. Obsessed with personal appearance

Discovers hidden programming. Perhaps it has assassin or espionage protocols or a secret mission to accomplish. The specifics are left up to the GM

Spontaneously overrides the three laws of robotics. Note: this doesn't (necessarily) make the droid a 'killer'

Kleptomaniac. Steals/hides items from others

Alpha-droid. Attempts to boss around other droids or even organics

Dancer. Likes to move to music

Addict. Enjoys 'sparking' (using electric shocks to stimulate circuits). Work may be put off or ignored to indulge in this

Bad Tempered. Breaks things when angered

Takes a small critter (or simpler droid) as a 'pet'

Becomes extremely literal in its interpretation of orders

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