Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Projects

I am constantly working on various gaming projects (as I have detailed before), but this year I actually want to set a few goals for myself and see if I can't complete them before the end of the year. These are as follows:

1) Force User Handbook. I see this containing details on the 'Core' force powers (as I see them) with an appendix for lightsaber forms and maybe even some dueling rules. I want this to fit in a 'mini-book' format (5.5" x 8.5") for ease of portability and use.

2) Star Wars D6 Handbook. I want this to be a condensed version of the rules—again in the mini-book format. It should have all the basic stuff like Attributes, Skills, Difficulties, Combat Rules (personal and vehicle), etc.

Those are the two main projects I would love to finish this year. If I get time, however, I would like to build upon this library. I'm not quite sure what the best format would be, though, as I can think of quite a few booklets I would like to product: Equipment, Droids, Starships/Vehicles, Alien Races, Galactic-Geography, NPCs, Organizations, etc. Making 'mini books' of all of these would defeat the whole portability aspect, as I'd have to carry around a half-dozen of the little buggers. Maybe once I get the two 'reference' books done, I can make a large compilation and maybe even get that bound somehow. We'll see. Start off small and manageable—then shoot for the stars.


  1. What's wrong with searchable pdfs?

  2. Nothing! Those will be easy to make. But I want 'hard cover' materials to—you know, for when the Hurricanes roll through.

  3. I approve of these two projects and hope you complete them!