Monday, June 15, 2009


Reading other blogs is what inspired me to do this one—and its also where I steal- err... get inspiration for a lot of what I write about. For me, its fun to hear other people's takes on subjects that I'm interested in—even if I disagree with them. It's fun to see where we're different, and where we're alike. One blogger mentioned something called 'Projectitis' and it struck a chord with me. His theory was that a lot of nerds/geeks constantly have some project or other that they are working on, but never finish. In talking with his nerd/geek friends, he found this to be the case with most of them—and it certainly is the case with me.

I have an entire library of projects that I am currently working on. And are any of them finished? Heck no! I bounce from one to another, depending on which I am most excited about at the time. Like this blog, they're simply fun things that keep my mind working—in a much more fulfilling way than just playing a video game or something. A short list of what I am currently working on would look something like this:

1) Finally finishing the module-form of the Otherspace III adventure I came up with.

2) Revamping (again) my D6 system into a 'final' set of rules and skills

3) Building a highly detailed map of my version of the Star Wars galaxy

4) Building a highly detailed map of my 'conglomerate' fantasy-game world

5) Writing up supporting material on my conglomerate fantasy-game world (cultures, religions, etc.)

6) Working up a list of superheroes/characters, weeding out the crap ones and modifying the savable ones into my OWN superhero universe. 

7) Building a library of Star Wars images

8) Reflecting on just how big of a geek I am after reading the above list

9) Still reflecting on how big a geek I am...

You get the point. And those are only a few of the projects that I'm working on...and still haven't finished. So yes, I would say that I suffer from "Projectitis" in a big way—and I am loving every minute of it.

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