Monday, April 8, 2013

Adventure Module Update...

Just to show those who care that I am indeed working on the interior of the modules mentioned in my last post, here are the first few pages of 'Adventures in the Forbidden Zone'. Keep in mind that these are pre-proofreading. If you see something wrong, however, feel free to point it out. More updates will follow as I progress. I will also, as I finish, release these modules on mediafire to whoever wants a copy. They are, of course, not for profit in any way. Just some 'fanfic' I wouldn't mind sharing with folks.


  1. I'll second that and add that it would not look out of place on the shelf of any surviving offline rpg shop!

  2. Something that came to me today that you might want to incorporate as an additonal 'pull' for Rebel aligned characters. It comes from an issue of Challenge, GDWS house magazine.

    I cannot remember which issue it appeared in but the adventure I'm remembering involved the players trying to intercept a covert communication that was going to take place during a dance display. It's revealed that the dance itself is the coded communication. Perhaps Trinary's choreographer is a Rebel courier encoding messages in the performers routines (The band has no idea what's going on.) and in this case the Rebel HQ knows that something was passed to this courier before the accident flight.

  3. Cool. I like it Graham. May actually add this as a GM option.

  4. Thanks,

    I'm currently lookng through my issues of Challenge to see if I can find who wrote the original adventure. Looking forward to the next update.

    1. I've managed to locate the adventure and issue. If you do use the idea, the adventure it came from was "A Body Swayed to Music" by Charles E. Gannon, it appeared in Challenge Magazine issue 37, which is along with what looks to be the entire release series available on PDF from amongst other sites.

      I only mention this because GDW included a lot of Star Wars material in their magazine and you might be interested in tracking it down.