Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What the Force???

A friend of mine made a blog post about a news outlet's 'coverage' of the recent Star Wars Celebrations event.

You can check the post out here

 Essentially this is a case of someone at a news agency (probably a junior writer or intern, judging by the quality of the writing) going to a Star Wars convention, taking pictures, then writing 'funny' captions about them. Oddly enough, this was posted as 'news' on various sites around the nation. Not an editorial. Not a 'opinions' blog page. But as a legitimate news story.

In addition to all the points my friend made in her post (which I agree with wholeheartedly), I would just like to add that, for me, this article fails mainly because it just isn't funny. Seriously, we all know how cool the Daily Show is, but whoever wrote this: You are no John Stewart... or Triumph... or Onion News reporter. The 'humor' mostly dull. And where it isn't dull its derogatory- and it is exactly the kind of half-assed attempts at media humor that the Daily Show loves to jump on. So, to the author of this 'article': If you're writing news. Write news. If you're writing comedy...look for a new job.

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