Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TUESDAY TANGENT: League of Extraordinary Gentlement, 1990s

Once again, I will delve into the realm of geekery to post up who (and what) I would recruit into my 1990s era LXG. While some choices may seem like no-brainers, others will possibly baffle. I will therefore attempt to explain why I chose the people I did. I will also make honorable mention of some of those who did not make the cut (along with reasons why). Again, the ‘rules’ for this are basically that these must be movie or ‘literary’ characters, but not full-time members of any comic book combined universe. So without further ado…

LXG: TEAM 1990s

Special Agent Fox Mulder, FBI
(Source: “X-Files” TV Series)
Portrayed by David Duchovney

OOC: 90’s sci-fi/horror? Of course Agent Mulder.

In an LXG universe, Mulder would be mostly unchanged from his TV appearances. He is an agent with the FBI, self-assigned to work on ‘odd’ cases. His success in this area as well as his investigatory skills and occult knowledge would prove invaluable to a LXG team. In fact, he would be the ‘leader’ of the group. Though he isn’t exactly the ‘inspirational general’ type, his passion and drive would be more than enough to compensate and to keep the team on-task. That having been said, he wouldn’t be a huge help in physical altercations. Though trained in firearms and self-defense, he’s no combat monster. He would, however, be the one most likely to know the weakness of any ‘strange’ things faced. He could also call upon his contacts in the FBI- most notably his (former) partner Dana Scully. Though the ultimate skeptic, she would be an invaluable scientific aide.

Buffy Summers, Vampire Slayer (Source: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV Series)
Portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar

OOC: An icon of 90’s horror/comedy/drama

Born with the mystical powers of the Vampire Slayer, Buffy has, in just a short while, become an incredibly powerful and accomplished slayer of all kinds of monsters: from Vampires to Werewolves to Demons to Witches. You name it, odds are she’s faced it. It is for these reasons she would be highly sought after to join the League. Her strong personality, intelligence, dedication and moral sense would, in fact, make her an excellent leader for the group. The only thing lacking in that regard would be experience in managing others (and perhaps her independent and self-sacrificing nature). While Mulder would be the ‘brains’ of the operation, Buffy would be its heart and inspiration. Unlike Mulder, Buffy’s personal knowledge of the occult would be somewhat limited. She would, however, be able to call upon her friends (particularly Giles) for assistance in this regard. In fact, her occult resources would probably far exceed the FBI’s own. As a Slayer, Buffy is also supernaturally strong and fast and possesses the ability to ‘sense’ Vampires. She is also highly skilled in hand-to-hand, melee and even ranged combat (with crossbows, at least).

Eric Draven, Vengeful Spirit
(Source: “The Crow” Motion Picture)
Portrayed by Brandon Lee

OOC: An icon of 90’s action/melodrama/occult.

Though his exact ‘status’ is difficult to categorize, most occult scholars would classify Eric as ‘undead’. He doesn’t seem to conform to most undead stereotypes, however. He isn’t a vampire, or a zombie, or a disembodied spirit. He has a physical form, but it seems to be impervious to (or ‘heals’ quickly from) any kind of physical injury. His only weakness seems to be his totem animal companion: the Crow that accompanies him and also seems to grant him some form of extra-sensory perception. If it is injured, so is Eric. Draven also seems to possess superhuman speed, reflexes and agility- and possibly strength. ‘Born’ from a great injustice and tragedy, Eric is drawn to right these kinds of wrongs. An artist at heart, Eric wouldn’t be the best candidate for leadership, in fact, he would be one of those most likely to try and go off on his own. Thus, he would require some management by his team leader and mates. Eric is a fair armed and unarmed combatant, but is perhaps a bit too reliant on his invulnerability. He enjoys making big entrances and often gets shot up unnecessarily while doing so. This can, however, be greatly intimidating to some foes, so it has its uses.

Benton Fraser, R.C.M.P. (Source: “Due South” TV Series)
Portrayed by Paul Gross

OOC: A memorable, but perhaps obscure character with a lot of…well, character.

While at first glance the inclusion of this forthright and upstanding Canadian Mountie might seem very odd, there are a number of factors that would make Fraser a powerful addition to the League. Though he believes in non-violent resolutions to most matters, he is nevertheless an accomplished unarmed-combatant and marksman. He is also a skilled investigator and gatherer of clues. Fraser is also a peerless tracker, able to follow the slightest clue to find his quarry, even in urban settings. Likewise, his skills of survival (taught by years spent in the great northern wilderness of Canada) are unmatched. He has also displayed incredibly keen senses (particularly of hearing and sight) and above-average physical abilities (strength, agility, etc.). Beyond these abilities, Fraser is also a very rare thing: a ‘pure spirit’. He doesn’t just preach the ideals “doing good” and “fighting the good fight”, he lives them. This could make him a very potent weapon against many occult powers, particularly those who react poorly to ‘faith’. Though he does not openly reveal it, Fraser also has a form of supernatural perception that allows him to see and actually converse with the dead: or at least his own Father. Though perhaps dismissed as a figment of his imagination, Fraser’s father has nevertheless become a kind of spirit guide, looking out for his son, offering advice and sometimes even providing cryptic information on the situation at hand. Benton is assisted in his adventures by his faithful Wolf: Diefenbaker. Though deaf, the wolf is exceptionally intelligent and capable and nicely complements his human companion in urban or wilderness settings. While at first glance Benton might seem to be a good team leader, his lack of experience with the occult (and other strangeness) would put him at somewhat of a disadvantage compared to the others. Oh, and he’s not a bad singer, either. And yes, of course he knows how to ride horses. Very well, in fact.

Darkman (Source: “Darkman” Motion Picture)
Portrayed by Liam Neeson

A brilliant scientist, Peyton Westlake became the victim of a crimelord’s attempt to cover up his misdeeds. He is left horribly disfigured, with a deadened nervous system and an overloaded adrenal gland giving him a deadened sense of pain and enhanced strength. The trauma of this has also left him mentally unstable. Utilizing his experimental synthetic skin experiment, Westlake (now calling himself Darkman), killed those responsible for his tragedy. Unfortunately, he could not cope with returning to a ‘normal’ life afterward and became a vigilante. Though brilliant and in possession of remarkable abilities (and technology), Westlake is unstable and a ‘risky’ choice for the team. Even so, his ability to impersonate others (as well as his scientific expertise in several areas) is what finally won over the selection committee.


Cole Sear (Source: “The Sixth Sense” Motion Picture)
Portrayed by Haley Joel Osment

Identified by the League for his extra-sensory perception of “Dead People”, Only Cole’s youth (having been born in 1988) keeps him from being recruited. Even so, a watch is being kept upon him as he grows up- and if needed, he could be brought in on special cases to help communicate with the dead.

Halliwell Sisters (Source: “Charmed” TV Series)
Portrayed by Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano

A coven of Witches who only recently inherited their power, the Halliwell sisters are rapidly gaining experience in identifying and defeating supernatural menaces. They have been identified by the League as a ‘backup’ resource for their primary team, but were not recruited for active duty mainly due to their resistance to leaving their home and ‘normal lives’.

Chance Boudreaux (Source: “Hard Target” Motion Picture)
Portrayed by Jean-Claude Van Damme

A former special-forces soldier turned drifter/merchant marine sailor, Chance seems a somewhat odd choice. He was brought onto the team mainly to shore up its combat potential- in both hand to hand and ranged engagements. He is also quite skilled in survival techniques, especially in a swamp setting such a his native bayou in Louisiana. Having grown up in the back woods of this region, he also has a smattering of knowledge of voodoo and other folk-occult/religion practices- though he considers these mostly as superstitions. It was his actions versus a human-hunting conspiracy in New Orleans that brought him to the League’s attention. He is a loner by nature, however, and this is the primary reason he was rejected for team membership. Though he never talks about it, Chance has a twin brother, Luc, who was (supposedly) killed during the Gulf War in which they both fought.

Casey Ryback (Source: “Under Siege” Motion Picture)
Portrayed by Steven Seagal

A former Navy SEAL busted for numerous infractions and insubordinations, Ryback recently retired from the Navy after an incident involving the hijacking of a U.S. Battleship. He has since pursued his career as a cook and hopes to open his own restaurant. Though an incredibly skilled combatant (both armed and unarmed), his attitude and personality precluded him from selection for the LXG team.

Jack Ryan (Source: “The Hunt for Red Oktober” Motion Picture)
Portrayed by Alec Baldwin

A former marine turned analyst for the CIA, Ryan posseses a sharp mind and extensive technical knowledge of the world’s military technology and systems (particularly naval technology). He is also a trained combatant and has proven brave and resourceful in a variety of dangerous situations. He is also a family man, and it is primarily for this reason (and his previous back injury) that he was not recruited into the League. He is, however open as an advisor for missions dealing with the military.

Nikita (Source: “Nikita” Motion Picture)
Portrayed by Bridget Fonda (yes, I know she wasn’t in the original)

A former drug addict and street criminal recruited by a shadowy organization to be an agent and assassin. Nikita is incredibly resourceful, quick-thinking and talented. Unfortunately, she doesn’t work well with others and has (understandable) trust issues. Her association with her current organization also made her less than desirable for recruitment into the team.

John Cutter
(Source: “Passenger 57” and “Drop Zone” Motion Pictures)
Portrayed by Wesley Snipes

A U.S. Marshall with accidental but extensive experience in bringing down terrorist cells. This included both a hijacking of a civilian airliner and thwarting a gang of parachute-based mercenaries. Cutter is an expert ad hand-to-hand combat and a talented marksman. He is also extensively trained in skydiving techniques. His main limitation (from the League’s perspective) is his lack of experience with supernatural or other ‘odd’ situations.

Jackie (Source: “Armor of God II: Operation Condor” Motion Picture)
Portrayed by Jackie Chan

Jackie (also known as the ‘Asian Hawk’) is an adventurer. Part archaeologist, part mercenary, part agent, part explorer and part thrill-seeker- his capabilities are broad. When you add to this the fact that he is one of the best martial artists in the world, you have a very powerful candidate for recruitment by the League. He has a penchant for working alone, however, and truth be told he prefers it that way. All the same, the League has kept his name and contact information ‘on file’ should he be necessary to assist or supplement the main team.

So, there you have it. Disagree with my choices? Did I overlook anyone? Let me know what you think.


  1. I'd want John McClane along. No supernatural experience, but nobody since Indiana Jones can fight his way through a two-hour ass whoopin' like John McClane.

    Arnie's character Jericho Cane from "End of Days" comes to mind too. He might not be famous enough, but he did take on Satan.

  2. Ahhh, but McClane was an 80's hero (or at least, that's where I listed him). Jericho is an interesting choice, though- but, well, I already got an Arnie character in the 1980's league as well: Dutch Schafer, from Predator. Besides... Jericho kindof had a short career in dealing with the occult ;)

  3. The 90's are tough because there are so many sequels of 80's movies (see John McClane, Marty McFly, etc), or are set in such alternate timelines that they don't fit an LXG world (Alien Nation series, Mars Attacks).

    Val Kilmer's Simon Templar is a poor rendition on The Saint. Simon would be a great 007 alternative in the 60's version.

    Can I cheat a bit include Virgil 'Bud' Brigman who met the LTI's in 1989 while working on the Deep Core platform? (count the 1993 special edition instead?)

    Either Dr Alan Grant, Dr Ellie Sattler, or Dr Ian Malcolm, recently returned from surviving dinosaurs on Isla Nublar?

    Dr Elle Arroway who may or may not have had a first contact with aliens?

    Jack Ryan may be out, but Mr Clark and Domingo "Ding" Chavez should be wide open.

    Henry DeTamble (from The Time Traveler's Wife, movie came out in 2009, most of the book was set in the 90's as present day?) has a genetic disorder that causes him to travel through time when he gets stressed.

    Adrian Paul and Duncan MacLeod? Poor substitute for Connor.

    M.A.N.T.I.S? Agent K and Agent J?

  4. 2 more.. my favorite, D. B. Sweeney in the role of Chance Harper, a freelance photographer afflicted with a bizarre tendency to always be in the wrong place at the right time. As Chance himself says, "If I go to a restaurant, somebody chokes. If I walk into a bank, it gets robbed." Harper's strange luck began when, as a small child, he was the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed everyone else aboard, including both of his parents.

    Oh, and for the masses, Cordell Walker, Texas Ranger.

  5. TFS: Yeah, The Saint is lined up for one of my 60's era teams.

    I totally forgot about Virgil. His overall skills are limited (when it comes to combat), but he'd be awesome for any kind of underwater adventures- plus, he IS buds with the underwater people.

    I actually had the Jurassic Park Crew on the long list, but again, they are mostly scientists, not as 'versatile' (or survivable) as others on the final team. Again, though, if the League ever had to go up against rampaging dinos, I know who they'd call for help...

    Elle Arroway- interesting, but perhaps too cerebral and not 'action' oriented.

    Ah yes. Clark and Chavez. Both good choices. I had pretty much forgotten them- focusing instead on the 'star' of the movies.

    Hehe, hadn't thought of The Time Traveller dude, but then, his power would be kind of useless in the team unless he could control it.

    Pfft. Duncan. Wannabe.

    Completely unfamiliar with M.A.N.T.I.S

    Agent K and J. I ... well, honestly, kind of uncertain if the MIB could logically (heh) coexist in an LXG universe, since their activities might overlap...and since MIB is a bit more 'comedic'.

    I had never heard of Chance Harper, but...wow, yeah, he would be an interesting addition to a team- he'd spontaneously generate their missions ;)

    Walker. Texas Ranger. Team? He doesn't need a team.