Friday, February 24, 2012


This post is kind-of off topic in that it does not deal directly with Star Wars. However, it does deal directly with this blog and blogging in general- and with other internet forums, for that matter.

Everyone knows the saying about opinions: How, like a certain part of the anatomy, everyone has them? Well, I would like to reiterate, for the record, that this blog is purely that. My opinion. My rants. I don't claim to be the end-all expert in anything that I discuss here (or elsewhere, for that matter). I do like to try and support the arguments I make, as rationally as possible, but I hope that I do not come off as the 'I am right and you are wrong' type.

Why am I saying this? Well, because I have been reading a lot of forums recently, gaming, computer gaming, etc.. These continue to amaze me with the number of insufferable loudmouths (in my opinion!) who not only express their opinion, but state outright that anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot. Sometimes, they offer supporting arguments. Many times, they do not. I don't know why this still surprises me, but it does.

I am a firm believer in free speech. But with that (in my opinion!) should come the realization that not everyone thinks the same way as you do. And this does not automatically make someone an idiot. In fact, if you take the time to listen to another person's arguments (when they are presented logically and without sneering derision), you might find something in them that is worthwhile- and may indeed alter your own opinion to something more akin to the 'truth', whatever that may be. THIS- a rational exchange of differing viewpoints- is what Free Speech was meant to be- not an extended bout of insults and name-calling. I wold hope others share this viewpoint, but if you don't... well, please tell me what YOU think free speech is?

And yes, I know I am shouting into the face of a hurricane. In an anonymous forum like the internet, people feel entitled to behave however they want to- often as rudely as they want to. Even so, I wanted to let MY opinion be heard, even if it is only on this tiny little soap-box of mine.

You know, I have even thought of commenting on some forums with words to this effect, even knowing that I will likely receive a LOT of flak for it. Why would I open myself up to such abuse? Well, because it seems that a lot of forums only have these 'name-calling' types. Perhaps I could be one of the more level-headed folks- because I imagine there are quite a few of us out there who only remain silent because we don't want the hassle. Oh well, something to think about...

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