Friday, March 11, 2011

Kenobi. Obi-Bond Kenobi (Part 1)

As a game master, I am an unabashed thief of ideas from just about anywhere I can get them. I can’t help but look at the entire span of James Bond movies and think that they could be modified into some GREAT Star Wars adventures. Of course, some concessions would have to be made. For instance, it seems to me that they would work best in a New Republic Era setting, where the players are operating as agents of the government versus agents of other governments- though in a time when open warfare is not as common. Likewise, the plots that revolve around ‘destroying the world’ tend to loose a lot of their ‘oomph’ when you’re in a galaxy with millions of worlds. Even so, I like the idea of these conversions. Below are some of my initial thoughts on how the plots of the movies could be modified to fit a Star Wars, New Republic Era setting. I’ll begin with the ‘classic’ Sean Connery films, but I will delve into the after-Connery era in future posts.

Dr. No

Strange signals are disrupting New Republic communications in an important border sector with the Empire- thus leaving the area open for infiltration and attack. The signals are tracked to a tropical tourist destination on a remote world. From there, the agents track down leads on a mysterious "Dr. No" and his private island fortress. The adventure culminates with the players having to sabotage the Doctor's signal jammer in order to prevent it from covering the approach of a large Imperial (or other villain) Attack. However, they also find that a third party is actually responsible for the operation- a shadowy group calling itself 'SPECTRE'

From Ord Mantell with Love

The agents are sent to recover a secret Imperial decoding device from a supposedly defecting Imperial agent on Ord Mantell. Meanwhile, the whole thing is a ploy by the Terrorist Organization (SPECTRE) to re-kindle the war with the Empire so that they might profit from the chaos. The adventure proceeds through various intrigues on Ord Mantell itself- with agents of the New Republic and Empire fighting a shadow war. The adventure culminates in a showdown with a SPECTRE agent on a small passenger liner traveling through a series of small, lightly settled worlds (a kind of 'Orient Express' in space).


While investigating a supposed smuggler/crimelord with an unhealthy love of precious metals, agents uncover a plot to destabilize New Republic currency. The villain intends to raid and pollute (via nuclear 'dirty bomb') a major vault containing rare precious metals. The adventure ends in a showdown at the vault itself- racing against the henchmen of the villain to shut down the bomb in time.


While in transit to a New Republic base for safe disposal, Imperial superweapons (lets say…missiles capable of causing a star to go Supernova) are stolen by terrorists who seek to extort money from the Republic. The agents follow leads to a powerful businessman who is actually a front for the Terrorists. The adventure culminates in a showdown on the villain's private space-yacht as he tries to escape capture by flying through an asteroid belt.

You Only Live Twice

The deaths of the agents are faked in order to throw off enemies. In the meanwhile, New Republic and Imperial patrol ships alike have been disappearing in a particular area of space. A shooting war threatens to break out unless agents can discover who is causing the disappearances. During the investigation, the agents undergo cosmetic surgery to mimic the near-human species of a planet suspected of housing the terrorists responsible for the attacks. The adventure itself culminates in an attack on the secret volcano fortress of the terrorists, thwarting their next attack.

On The New Republic's Special Service

An old enemy seeks to gain influence over Galactic affairs by placing brainwashed agents throughout the various governments of the Galaxy. Agents are sent to the suspected lair of this villain- a remote alpine 'spa' which houses the subjects being brainwashed. They find unlikedly aid in the form of a weathy noblewoman but must ultimately rescue her by leading an attack on the villain's mountain-top fortress.

Corusca Stones are Forever

In tracking down a Corusca stone smuggler, the Agents come upon a plot to build a cloaked starship that can fire devastating orbital blasts- while cloaked. The adventure leads the agents through various venues of a gambling/pleasure world and ultimately to the Cloaked starship itself to confront the villain.

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