Friday, February 4, 2011

I am spoiled

So, yeah. A while back, I asked whether or not I was “spoiled or missing out” in regard to not having a lot of the ‘bad’ experiences other GMs and players have had. I hear stories about the powergamers and weirdos and other social misfits people have to put up with and there is a part of me that almost feels ‘cheated’ not to have had what seems to be a ‘universal’ experience of most gamers.

Oh sure, I’ve had a few borderline players over the years, but those guys tended to drift out of my campaigns for one reason or another

Well, I’ve decided I am spoiled- and in retrospect, I don’t feel all that cheated anymore. Both my South Dakota group and my Florida group are exemplary gamers. They play their characters. They care about ‘drama’ in the game as much as combat or in-game material gain. They work WITH me when it comes to keeping things moving along and don’t get bogged down in disruptive rivalries that tend to derail adventures. Most of the time, they are thoughtful in their actions- and those times they aren’t, it is for in-character emotional reasons (i.e. sometimes you just have to “do this”, Leeroy Jenkins style). In short, I couldn’t ask for better.

In case any of them are reading, I just wanted to say that. You guys (and gal) are the best. Who would have thought it would last as long as it has (20 years now for some)? Here’s to another twenty.

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