Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Time Has Come

Once more into the breach, dear friends! It’s late January, the deepest part of the cold South Dakota winter. I live in Florida now, where it’s supposed to get up to 70 today. I look at my weather widget and see that Southeast South Dakota is currently 16 degrees, expecting a low of 6. What does any of this matter, you ask? Well, guess where I’m going tomorrow! That’s right, its that time of year again, time for my now annual trip to South Dakota to hang out with my good college buddies and continue the Star Wars campaign we began back in 1991.

So what’s in store for the guys this year? Well, I wish I had all the details locked down. The year went a LOT faster than I had expected, so I’m still scrambling to put together my notes into a more organized mish-mash. Even so, I will, as I did last year, give a few previews as to what we might expect…maybe.

The rise of a king?

The death of a hero?

A vergence in the Force?

The return of the Nagai?

A usurper of the Mantle?

An old friend…turned enemy?

A Tusken Horde unleashed?

Galactic Peace?

An ancient doomsday device?

A new frontier?

Yes, all these things, and more may or may not happen in this year’s session! I will, of course, post afterwards what DOES come about. Heck, depending on wifi, I may even post from South Dakota itself (laptops rule)! Until then, folks…

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