Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Now that I made my list of resolutions, here is a look at my main Star Wars project. It has grown considerably in scope since my initial conception of it. I would be THRILLED if I got half of it done in the coming year. But realistically, I’ll probably only manage a quarter of it.

1. Core Rulebook

Status: 30% complete (Some writing completed, more needed)
The basics of the D6 system, character generation, combat, skill descriptions, etc.

2. Force Rulebook

Status: 30% complete (Most of the system is written up, but needs to be put into book format and polished)

A revamped force system with full explanation of the various Force powers as well as expanded lightsaber combat techniques and other force-related issues.

3. Equipment Sourcebook

Status: 5% Complete (Still compiling lists from various sources. Need to combine all the various lists, then figure out some kind of rational pricing scheme)

A collected guide to equipment from all the various gear sourcebooks and rulebooks. Includes everything from weapons and armor to personal equipment to cybernetics and perhaps even installations like asteroid bases, farmsteads or pre-fab shelters and the like. Pretty much everything that isn’t a vehicle.

4. Alien Sourcebook

Status: 50% Complete (Have files on most of the ‘major’ races, but feel the need to include a lot more, will be a matter of writing a bunch of new entries and finding pictures for them)

A collected guide to the ‘main’ races (as shown in movies, comics and novels) of the Star Wars universe. Brief rundown of racial stats, special abilities, society, etc.

5. Droid Sourcebook

Status: 80% Complete (droids done, just need to finish sections on droid equipment and running droid player characters)

6. Vehicle Sourcebook

Status: 10% Complete (Images just about finalized and organized, will need to drop into page layout then write up entries on all of them)

A collected guide to the vehicles of the Star Wars galaxy. Everything from speeder-bikes to battle cruisers and beyond. I also wish to include a section of rules for building/modifying small transport craft (i.e. Millennium Falcon type ‘party’ ships used by most gaming groups). I have also considered coming up with a construction/modification system for personal vehicles (landspeeders, etc.), but haven’t come up with anything solid for it. Considering the fact such things rarely came up in my own games, I’m not sure it is necessary.

7. Galaxy Sourcebook

Status: 50% Complete (as with aliens book, I have the files done on the ‘main’ planets, but now want to expand them to include a lot more; Also, I want to do a revamped Galaxy map without the stupid ‘unknown regions’)

A collected guide to the main planets (and other major locations) of the Star Wars universe. Also Includes overview of the Galaxy as a whole.

8. Organizations Sourcebook

Status: 5% Complete (Have lists of organizations, now need to flesh them out and put them in book format; Already completed several of the Force using organizations to test out the format)

This is perhaps my most ambitious project. What I want to do is list and describe the major organizations in the Star Wars galaxy. Essentially, this is going to include streamlined versions of the information in the Imperial and Rebel Alliance sourcebooks, detailing the various organizations within the Empire and Rebellion. But I also want to include everything from Jedi and Sith sects to criminal organizations, bounty-hunting guilds, corporations, elite military units, mercenaries, etc.

9. Player Primer

Status: 0% Complete

I want this to be a very brief (2-4 page?) primer that would give a new player the basics of what they would need to know to run a character in a Star Wars D6 game. As with the core rulebook, it would need to include a fair number of examples.

10. Adventure Sourcebook

Status: 0% Complete

This is kind of a catch all to describe a book that would cover the various aspects of creating and running adventures. It would cover adventure designing, running large scale battles, chase scenes, etc., but could also have rules about hauling freight, mining operations, criminal enterprises, running races (pod racing, swoop racing, etc.), sports, etc.

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