Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Nagai, Revisited

A long time ago, I detailed the new 'Villain' species that I am currently using as the main antagonist in my New Republic Era Star Wars galaxy. I based the species upon the Nagai from the Star Wars marvel comics (a race of deadly warriors from another galaxy), but gave them a radically different background which I detailed here and here.

With the war against the Nagai coming to a head in my campaign—and with one of my player characters having (unexpectedly) come to a position of power within them, I felt the need to expand upon a few ideas I had about the race and their motivations. Though previously I described the species in broad strokes, I will now examine the different philosophies present among the Nagai and how that affects the way they function. My players read this blog (or at least have in the past) so everything here is going to be 'public' knowledge that they are going to find out for themselves IC. So without further ado, here we go.

The bulk of the Nagai population (an estimated 50-percent of it), conforms to the generalities laid out in previous posts. To summarize, the average Nagai is very superior in attitude to other species. They are supremely confident in their own abilities (as well they should be, considering their are 'near perfect' physically- and quite intelligent and beautiful). They are also, on the whole, rather selfish, self-centered and hedonistic. They indulge in various personal pursuits—often artistic in nature. One such pursuit practiced by nearly all Nagai is melee combat. Almost all of them are masters with blades. More rarely, these personal pursuits take other forms—such as the presence of a few highly-skilled pilots or even a few reported master marksmen. One particular pursuit (that of science and technology) has actually led to a splinter group of the Nagai (the Technologists) that will be detailed below. On the whole, "Core" Nagai view themselves as superior to other species. They can appreciate "exceptional" members of other races and often keep such as 'pets' or slaves aboard their world-ships.

Another, smaller group of Nagai (roughly 20-percent of the population) are much more focused and driven than others. These Nagai are planners and organizers. They enjoy swaying others (particularly the "Core" nagai") to their causes and are generally more practical and pragmatic. It is from the ranks of this group that the great leaders of the Nagai have emerged. They otherwise embody the same supreme and self-centered attitudes of their race—and exemplify its bigotry towards other "lesser" species. It is this group that has pushed for and led the conquest of their home galaxy and the invasion of the Star Wars galaxy. Though ruthless, Leaders are not necessarily bloodthirsty. Like the Core Nagai, they see other races as useful tools and enjoyable toys. They would not hesitate to crush any who stood (or rose up) against, them, however. The Leaders have an intense rivalry with the Dark Nagai stemming from both feeling as though they should be in charge. Thus far it has been the better organization of the Leaders that has allowed them to remain in control over the more chaotic Dark Nagai.

The Dark Nagai represent the most depraved aspect of their species—delving into bloody practices and self-indulgences that members of most species (including their own) would find repulsive. Constituting about 20-percent of their race, the Dark Nagai are masochists and sadists who enjoy pitting conquered species against each other in gladiatorial combat. They also enjoy inflicting 'blood tribute' from conquered species—sacrificing beings in honor of their 'godhood'. The Dark have completely bought into their own superiority and think the Galaxy- the universe, should be their plaything, with none of the 'restrictions' that other groups (like the Leaders) would place upon them. Unfortunately for the Dark, their own selfish and fractious natures have kept them from attaining true power among the Nagai. Even so, some of the most fearsome warriors in their fleet come from this group, easily a match for ANY other Nagai.

Though all Nagai are extremely intelligent, most choose not to focus their vast intellects on technological or scientific areas. The Technologists are the exception to that rule. Though making up only 5-percent of the species as a whole, Technologists have achieved a high status within Nagai society. Nobles and Dark Nagai alike look to them for answers when problems arise. Though they do not have a complete grasp of the technology their species has stolen from their progenitors, they know enough to be able to operate and maintain—and in some cases even modify—what is required for their 'great task'. It was the early technologists who modified Ancient genetic techniques to create the "Alpha" and "Beta" subspecies to serve as their armies. It was technologists who figured out how to use the crystal 'spire' technology to pacify conquered worlds and even how to construct new crystalline starships. On the whole, Technologists are obsessed with their work, to the point of near-insanity. It is this aspect which has prevented them from seeking or achieving any direct political power within their society. Most of this group have openly aligned themselves with the Leaders, but a few are rumored to be working on dark and dreadful 'toys' for the Dark Nagai. Members of other species are seen by Technologists only as 'subjects' to be studied. In regards to scientific minds of other species, Technologists have a superior and egotistic attitude. They see little reason to study the teachings of 'lesser' beings.

Constituting the final five-percent of the Nagai species, the fifth column represents those Nagai who have grown more and more sympathetic to the other species they encounter—to the point where they now wish to stop their supremacist "crusade" and learn to coexist. They typically pretend to be members of the other groups (though very few are found in the ranks of the Dark Nagai) and have been working behind the scenes to try and bring about change. Only recently, several of the group have actually struck out, gathering around the symbol of an old leader seemingly 'reincarnated'. It is entirely possible that this group, coupled with the unexpected difficulty of the Invasion may cause a schism or even civil war within the Nagai fleet. Exactly how this will all play out, however, is anyone's guess...

There are actually very few of these beings, and most of them exist outside of Nagai society proper. In general, they represent Nagai who have gone completely rogue and struck out on their own in the Galaxy. However, outcasts also include various half-breeds who have been sired by Nagai scouts who came to the Star Wars Galaxy in the thousands of years leading up to the current invasion. One such outcast (Nom Anor) had even developed Force powers (something that has thus far not been seen among the species). Horatio S. Flynn (the PC in my campaign) was recently discovered to be a hybrid descendant of a long-lost great leader of the Nagai, and thus could also be considered a member of this group.

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