Monday, April 19, 2010

Writing is a Challenge

Even when you know what you want to do and have plenty of examples to base your 'rules cyclopedia' off of, writing is difficult. For me, it isn't 'writer's block' or anything like that. Rather, it is a matter of constantly having to pull back from a much, much larger work than the one I originally intended. Editing things DOWN is the name of the game, and very difficult for a completionist like myself.

Therefore, I have to keep reminding myself that this is meant to be a more 'succinct' rulebook, incorporating all the various house rules I've been using. It is not supposed to be a mega-encyclopedia. That having been said, I find myself enjoying writing everything BUT the rules section. Ironic. Or, if not ironic, just kind of amusing.

The chapters on Alien races and planets and equipment are all so much fun to write. Detailing the basics of how the D6 system is less so—because I already KNOW the system. But then, this is kind of necessary (to me anyway) in case the book ever falls into the hands of someone who's curious but has never played before. So this weekend, I finally buckled down and got through a chunk of the rules. They're like the 'healthy veggies' I don't want to eat. The rest of the book is the delicious steak.

The other issue that has come up isn't about's about art. I'm a visual person. But it was my original intention not to use any artwork in the book. I have since abandoned that plan. Again, since I never plan to 'market' this book, or even post it anywhere online (its going to friends and friends of friends), I don't feel quite as guilty about using art that has been posted elsewhere online—namely, on Wikipedia and Wookieepedia.

In any case, for those interested, I'm going to be posting a few example pages in future posts.

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