Monday, April 19, 2010

Page Examples

Here are a couple of example pages from the book. One of my pet peeves as a GM was having information organized in an easy-to-use format. For the sake of consolidating pages and the like, I understand why things were done the way they were in the last 'revised and expanded' rulebook, but I always disliked it when a planet file or alien race description would either run unevenly between two columns of the same page or (worse) cut from a page on one spread to a page on the following (meaning you have to flip pages). When I want to use information in a game, I want it all readily available. This is the reason for the column format I am adapting. While I admit it may not be as dynamic or even aesthetically pleasing as the 'flow' of the last D6 rule book, I feel it is a lot more reference friendly in these self-contained blocks.

You will also note that I do not go into extreme detail on any subject—planet or alien. I give what I consider the basics. If a GM wants or needs more, he can delve into online information sources or just make things up based upon the information given.

You may also note that some of the information presented diverts from canon. That is intentional, as this is MY take on the SW universe. I do not contradict things shown or spoken about in the movies. The one exception to this being the omission of midichlorians. Which are stupid. Very stupid. In any case, enjoy. And if you have feedback, hit me with it.

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