Friday, March 26, 2010

Status Update

A while ago, I posted about the various 'projects' I am working on in regards to gaming in general (and Star Wars in specific). Well, I've actually made some progress in one of them! I am making a condensed version of the Star Wars D6 rules as they have evolved in my own campaign. The idea here is to try and 'finalize' a lot of things and try to eliminate a lot of the fluff and contradictions found in the West End games products. As I have worked, I've noticed quite a few interesting things...

First of all, the more I read the Star Wars 2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded rulebook, the more I realize just how freaking AWESOME that book is. It is probably one of the best written and presented gaming books I have ever seen. The first part of the book is set up for those who have never gamed before—complete with a walk-through solo adventure to give you an idea of how the mechanics of the system works. The 'quick start' handouts for players are great, too—as are the various chapter introductions, each 'hosted' by a different character and presented in a very engaging and conversational tone. The layout of the book is superb as well, with a colored boxes calling out the most essential and 'boiled down' information for each section.

The awesomeness of this book intimidates me a little. I have to keep reminding myself that my OWN book is mainly just a digest of rules and isn't meant to 'compete' or be an 'insult' to the original. In fact, the only real things I've changed are some of the mechanics, skill names and equipment statistics. The bulk of what makes this game great didn't need to be 'fixed'.

Secondly, for as much as I have complained about 'charts' in the D20 system, I am finding myself using an awful lot of them as well. But in my defense, a lot of these charts could more readily be classified as lists—lists of races, skills, equipment, etc.. So I guess it doesn't really count. And being even more 'defensive', I can say that my book will NOT be having huge 'stat blocks' for NPCs and the like. I guess I'll reserve final judgement as to my 'chartiness' until my book is actually done.

Thirdly, there is the format. I initially was going to do 'pocket-book' sized layouts. But I quickly found that size wasn't going to cut it. The amount of information I am putting into the book would necessitate a really THICK little book, which kindof defeats the purpose.

And finally (for now), I've discovered there are a hell of a lot of details to my 'revised' rules that I hadn't completely thought out. So its going to be a bit more 'work' than just writing things down. But in any case, it is still fun, and I think I am going to be very happy with the final product. What am I going to do with it, you ask? Hell if I know. Probably just share it with my friends and maybe show the online community. But since it would be illegal to 'officially produce' it, that's all there can be...and I'm good with that, even if it does make me sad once more that Star Wars D6 is dead.


  1. The D6 Star Wars system is not dead, as long as there are people out there playing it somewhere.

  2. Yeah, I was gonna add the same thing. It's only as dead if there's no more players.