Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some Funny Anecdotes

As always seems to happen with a gaming group, much of the table talk revolves around humorous observations and side-tracks to what is going on in the game. This was certainly the case with my recent gaming in South Dakota. But apart from the hugely funny table-talk, there was quite a bit of in-game humor as well—and from some rather unexpected sources.

Out of Character, Horatio's explorations into just how cool his character was were just cracking me up. Everyone kept chiming in throughout the game for the titles of his imaginary memoirs. Chapter 22: Awesome. Chapter 23: Still Awesome. Chapter 24: The battle of Tatooine (and I'm still awesome).

Then there was the running gag of "This is /not/ ideal."—a reference by Steve2 and me to an episode of Man vs. Wild where the dude is suddenly confronted by sheer cliffs on all sides and the river he was following flows under them, into a cave. His understated response to this is: "This is NOT ideal." No. Not ideal at all. And many instances in the adventure were not 'ideal' either.

In-Character, Oman had 'upgraded' his Basilisk War Droids with increased intelligence and personality modules. This resulted in some very prideful and downright argumentative droids (though they remain quite useful). Oman is still in the process of trying to win the 'respect' of his droid. And judging from their exchanges, this could take a while. A good example of their current 'relationship' is the way they refer to each other. Wrex, being about 4,000 years old, considers himself a 'veteran' and is proud of the fact he knew the last "Real" (as he puts it) Mandalore (Canderous Ordo) all those years ago. When referring to Oman as Mandalore, he takes great pains to inflect the word so that you can just hear the "finger quotes" around it. For his part, Oman calls Wrex "Old Man", in response to his advanced age (though honestly, he has no room to speak!)

And when confronted with possible biological contamination during the adventure, Wrex thought it was appropriate to tell Oman all sorts of horror stories about 'organics' suffering from such diseases—"are you sure the seals on your suit are tight?" "you know, I once saw a guy hit with the genebian plague... bled right out of his suit. Was a real mess..." Yeah. Wrex is proving to be a real smart ass.

Then there was the time where Bob the Tusken was trying to explain the interaction between a ship's hyperdrive and it's cloaking device—utilizing the analogy of pouring water between two buckets of water. This received blank stares from the rest of the group, who had no idea what he was trying to get at. This also led to a time later in the adventure where bob is once again philosophizing in-character, trying to help the Nagai discover "culture". From the cargo bay of the ship, Wrex (who had been listening in) shouts wryly. "Hey, Bob, why don't you use the bucket of water analogy again. That worked so well the last time..."

Oh, and as far as funny goes—see the above. A Tusken raider lecturing someone on culture.

Ah yes, and one more from Bob—while speaking with the Nagai, he is trying to describe several different ideas and makes reference to Horatio's girlfriend Reen as: "One who Horatio banging." Guess he forgot to turn up the gain on his translator box for that one...

There were a lot more laughs all around, but those are the only ones I remember at the moment...and I thought I'd hurry and write them down before I forgot!

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  1. Bob say...

    Bob's video of his fight with a kryatt dragon became a running gag.

    "Did you see the video of a Tusken fighting a kryatt dragon on Youtube?"

    "Yeah, they had it on Mythbusters last week. Totally busted."