Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Basilisk War Droid—Mk II

I've spoken about the Basilisk before—my likes and dislikes of it. Here now are the final 'stats' of the Basilisks that I am using in my current game. Note: They are a very odd conglomeration of vehicle, droid and mount, meaning they have some odd, overlapping stats.

In actual use, the Basilisk has proven formidable, but surprisingly not out of balance. It is essentially a light-tank with its own built in 'crew'. It's versatility is probably it's greatest asset, able to maneuver on land, in the air, and even in space. Though able to dish out and absorb a great deal of damage with infantry units, anti-vehicle weaponry can quickly disable a basilisk. Linked in to it's rider's helm-computer, control of various systems can easily transfer between rider and the droid brain itself—allowing either to control the piloting/operation of the droid body and its various systems (sensors, weapons, etc.)

While originally provided with a very simplistic personality, the Mandalorians have (at the request of their leader) upgraded this by adding on to the basic systems. This has resulted in some very odd quirks coming to the forefront. Chief among these is a 'willfull' and 'arrogant' personality that can make repairing the droids something of a chore. It also requires that riders win the 'respect' of their Basilisks before they can operate at peak efficiency together.

TYPE: Mandalorian Basilisk Mk II War Droid
SCALE: Character
LENGTH: 4 m (Not including tail)
PASS.: 1
COVER: 3/4
CARGO: 10kg
CONS.: 1 Week
SPEED: 4 (Space); 200 kph (Air); 90 kph (Ground/Water)
ALTITUDE: Ground Level—1km; Capable of Atmospheric Re-entry
HULL: 7D (+2D) Armor (Character Scale)
Passive: 10 (0D)
Scan: 20 (1D)
Search: 40 (2D)
Focus: 2 (3D)
Arc: Forward
Scale: Character
Dmg: 9D (Energy, Claws)/7D (Energy, Teeth)
Arc: Rear
Scale: Character
Dmg: 7D (Physical)
Spec: Entangle Attack
Auto-Blaster (Mouth-Mounted)
Arc: Forward, Sides
Scale: Character
Range: 60/120/360m
Dmg: 8D
Spec: Capable of Burst and Autofire
Breaching-Torch (Mouth Mounted)
Arc: Forward
Scale: Vehicle
Range: 2m
Dmg: 6D
Special: Capable of cutting controlled hull breaches
Missile-Pods (Shoulder-Mounted-Disposable)
Arc: Forward
Scale: Vehicle
Dmg: 7D
Ammo: 4 (2-Per Launcher)

Strength 7D (+2D Armor for Damage Resistance)
Dexterity 2D
Agility 3D
Intelligence 1D
Perception 3D
Charisma 1D

Dodge 5D
Melee* 8D (Usage of built-in Brawl/Melee systems)
Piloting* 5D (Covers only flying 'itself')
Gunnery* 6D (Usage of built-in Ranged weapon systems)
Climbing 6D
Jumping 6D
Running 5D
Stamina 8D
Stealth 4D (Maximum for this skill due to size)
Zero-Gee 3D (Movement in space w/o Thrusters)

Armor-Tech 3D (Diagnostic only, unable to self-repair)
Blaster-Tech 3D (Diagnostic only, unable to self-repair)
Droid-Tech 3D (Diagnostic only, unable to self-repair)
Survival 3D

Comm. 3D (Utilizing built-in comm-systems)
Sensors 3D (Utilizing built-in sensor-systems)
Observation 3D
Search 5D
Tracking 4D

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