Thursday, April 16, 2009

Star Wars Babies

Well, its been almost a week, and no posts! Bleh! Sorry about that, all of my (undoubtedly) thousands of readers. Here's just a short one to let you know I'm still alive- just really busy. 

Certain recent events (a good friend of mine (Sharon) having a baby this week) have got me thinking about kids and the like. And even though I know this will never happen, its a fun mental exercise to ponder what a 'Next Generation' Star Wars campaign might be like. I know I even spoke briefly with Steve-2 about this at one point.

So lets see.. a group of Next Gen folks would include Oman's daughter—who is going to grow up to be a badass Mandalorian warrior. Being the 'first born' of this generation, she'd be the oldest of the group, and would probably be a bit more experienced than the rest.

Next in line would be Arianne's boy. No doubt he'd be the Jedi-Pilot type, unless he took a big divergence from his parents (which I don't see happening).

After those two? Well, heck...everyone else would have to get 'bizzay'. Two of the other characters are in prime position to start popping out kids. Bob the Tusken and his wife could have a kid, a nice half-tusken to carry on the name. Hugganut's player doesn't seem to shy away from kids, so I could see him having a whole litter of young-uns. Imagine a set of twins to carry on the Hugganut name? Twice the fun!

Of course, there /could/ be another coupling... Horatio and Reen, perhaps? Hmmm, interesting... werry interesting. A half-pirate, half-jedi? A dashing rogue with force powers? 

Now, as far as Adren goes, well, she'd either have to find a new baby-daddy (since her hubbie *sniff* got killed) or maybe she could get cloned again! Clones are like potato chips after all. Betcha can't make just one!

Then we have Shagg.. and Maybe Ruukhan... the Wookiees. Arooof. Ruuk has more history, and, considering his liaison with a female Wookiee hunter, its possible that he already HAS a kid out there he doesn't know about. Shagg? Well, he's probably too young to get married. I'll have to think on that one...

As far as the Galaxy they'd be living in? Well, it would be.. what.. 20 years ahead of the current timeline? or maybe 15. The 'big heroes' of the Galaxy would be retiring (or at least slowing down). Han and Leia's kids would be entering the world of adventuring- opening up all kinds of opportunities for crossover adventures with the 'Feature Kids'. What would be the 'threat' in this era? That's a bit more difficult to say. But possibly the Krath? I don't know, I'd have to think on that. But as I said, its a fun mental exercise.

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