Monday, April 27, 2009

E-11 Blaster Rifle

Just a short and nit-picky post regarding one of the most common weapons seen in the original trilogy—the ubiquitous E-11 Blaster "Rifle". Just about every stormtrooper carries one of these, and the heroes of the movies use them quite often as well. I think they look very cool, actually. I like them. But my problem comes with their classification as a 'Rifle'. I think it was the D6 RPG that first classified them as such, and the name has stuck ever since. It is quite obvious to me that the E-11 is a carbine—which is defined as a 'short, light rifle'. It has a folding stock, yes, but we never see it fired from the shoulder in any of the movies. As a prop, it was based upon the british Sterling Submachinegun—which is most definitely NOT a rifle. 

Yeah, I know, geeky AND nit-picky, but.. there it is. E-11 Blaster CARBINE. Harrumph. (Hmm, could this post have something to do with me having a headache and being grumpy? Yeah, that too.)

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