Monday, November 16, 2009

A Funny Force User Anecdote

In one of my shorter campaigns (run recently and in a separate 'universe' from my Vermillion campaign), my buddy Philip was running a young Jedi type named Mason. His skills were at the 'useful' level at this point. Where he was able to do a lot of stuff, but still had to be careful what fights he picked.

In one mission, he needed to get information on the doings of an important businessman. Somehow, he got in to the guy's office and had a talk with him—all the while looking for a 'personal item' that the person had—one that might be used with the Postcognition Force power. Finally, he saw that the guy's personal data-pad seemed to be very important to him so he managed to pilfer it. He retreats and starts to focus his Force powers- trying to look into the man's past and glean some clues as to what he may be up to. Unfortunately, he was not rolling well that day (i.e. the Force was NOT with him)... and he was frustrated in his attempts...until he suddenly realized he was holding the guy's personal datapad.

A little digging later, he found out all kinds of clues by just reading the datapad and...felt a little foolish for not just doing that in the first place. We all had a good laugh about it. But this isn't the first time someone has been distracted by their own powers. Its a funny tendency I think we all have to look for complicated solutions to more simple problems. Especially in gaming, there is the tendency to want to use your special powers or equipment—and you may lose sight of what you're really trying to accomplish.

Personally? I'm glad. It's funny ;)

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