Friday, October 30, 2009

Star Wars In Concert

I recently (last night) got the chance to attend the Star Wars In Concert show when it came to Jacksonville. My company had a few extra seats in its luxury suite (yee haw!) and I got one of them. Let me just say that it was an INCREDIBLE show—from the moment the THX sound-bite came blaring out of the speakers to the final, tumultuous notes of the Imperial March (played as an Encore by the Symphony). The melding of movie visuals (played on a gigantic screen), laser lights, pyrotechnics and a full orchestra and chorus was awesome. And Anthony Daniels was a GREAT host, providing the storytelling bridges between the different musical set-pieces. He even did a couple humorous bits—one lavishly extolling the virtues of C-3PO and another excitedly detailing the chances of successfully navigating an asteroid field! (during the latter, his otherwise reserved, black jacket parted, revealing a shiney, metallic gold vest underneath). Good good stuff. I was amazed, though, at how much impact those movies still have on me. Of course, the live music helped a lot—there is alway something more visceral and satisfying about live performances of music. I left the show feeling pumped up about Star Wars. Man, I'm wanting to play again. If you're a Star Wars fan, and this show comes anywhere close to where you live, go to it. It will not disappoint.

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