Friday, January 30, 2009


As much as I love Star Wars, I look back at a lot of these posts and see that they are little more than rants. As I think about it, I figure it is for a couple reasons:

1) To name all the things I LOVE about Star Wars would take way too much time.

2) I am passionate about the setting, story, movies, etc. When I see something I think is 'wrong', I want to speak up about it.

The latter just shows how much of a true geek I am. I admit it. I'm comfortable with it. 

I don't think that I'm being immodest when I call myself a creative person. I am an artist. I am a professional ad designer and concepter. I am a game-master. All of these things require creativity. And in the six or so hours of the original Star Wars movies, I found something that really captured my creativity and imagination. I grew up with these stories and these characters, and in the years between the trilogies, I came to feel as though I 'owned' some of them. I think it is the mark of a great movie when you feel that much a part of something that you internalize it. 

Running the RPG only increased my sense of ownership. I was able to 'fill in the blanks' with my own imagination and creativity. I was able to flesh out my concepts of various characters and the setting as a whole. I took what I liked from the various sources and modified it to suit my own tastes (and the tastes of my players, at least I think I did). In fact, when it seemed as though there would never be any other Star Wars movies, I grew to like the fact that the 'future' of the galaxy was in my own imagination.

Examining that, I think I've found the source of much of my dislike of aspects in the books and movies. A lot of it doesn't fit my concepts—doesn't live up to my imagination. And really? It isn't fair to expect it to. But hey, I don't think my opinion or imagination is any /less/ valid than those of the other creative minds who imagined this universe—so why not rant? It isn't like anyone is really paying attention to this, anyway. So I'll chalk it all up to making myself feel better about the things that tick me off. And so far? Its working.

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